The development trend of baler

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In early 1960s, with the emergence of polypropylene, foreign developed polypropylene plastic packing belt machine, in many areas, especially in the field of industrial automatic packing machine is gradually replacing the automatic strapping packing machine, make rapid popularization.

Automatic packing machine began to develop from the middle of 1980s Chinese, originally published in the Department of books and newspapers to get promotion, in recent years developed rapidly and has been widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, general merchandise, printing, medicine, chemical industry, telecommunications, textile and other industries.

At this stage some of the production of packaging machine manufacturers through the adoption of international standards and absorb advanced technology features abroad, in the standard design, manufacturing technology and product quality has been greatly improved, such as a permanent full automatic mechanical baling machine, reaching the advanced level of similar foreign equipment in quality, automatic positioning, binding, translocation, for cross type, wells font pattern banding, microcomputer control and unattended operation has been realized automatic packing production line. The future development trend of the packer is extending to the full automation, advanced and diversification.

The development trend of Hangzhou packaging machine, mainly for various purposes such as packing machine, baler; development instead of heavy belt, polyester belt strip; to design a desktop balers belt, with soft foam etc.. To improve the automation of stand-alone packages fed from a conveying device, automatic positioning function, packing, packing and transposition, cross shaped, well shaped pattern binding; using computer control to achieve unmanned automatic strapping production line. The automatic machine has 40 minutes to 60 minutes / / target development package abroad; tie baler development Lectra random modulation, improve the automatic packing machine in adaptive bandwidth, packing specifications, table height, binding ability and other aspects.

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